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Optimizer Plus

Unique tank logistics and forecasting that analyzes every tank every single day and calculates deliveries needed! Routes are automatically created so your drivers are out the door without any waiting! Works great with tank monitors too. You absolutely can’t out-think it!

Seamlessly designed for both propane and refined fuels for independent marketers and cooperatives.



Not getting the productivity, efficiency and bottom-line profitability you deserve? It’s time to see why Energy-Force Enterprise  is your one stop-shop solution! Click here for Agenda and Registration from for our Valued Partner User Meeting & Conference at the French Lick Springs hotel in French Lick, Indiana (begins July 18th!)

Energy-Force™ Enterprise has been an industry-leader since 1986 in both propane and refined fuels. We are proud to have many satisfied customers (‘Valued Partners’) throughout the country because we understand the energy and co-op businesses and what it takes to be successful. Energy-Force Enterprise is created and designed entirely in-house and 100% seamlessly integrated to eliminate all finger-pointing.

Energy-Force Enterprise™ will dramatically improve your company’s operations, cash-flow and profits. It is designed for success and offers the flexibility to ‘mix-and-match’ to meet (and usually exceed) the requirements of your company. Most of our new customers (‘Partners’) also purchase Energy-Track, Optimizer Plus and Energy-Map to maximize their efficiency and productivity as quickly as possible.

“Wonderful staff all around – very welcoming and approachable” “Always a pleasure!” “Thank you. I can hardly wait to implement these reports” “Staff very friendly, knowledgeable and professional” “Will send others in my company for refresher “Learned so much, will take back and update everyone at my company!”

Responses from Valued K & K Partners

CSR Advanced Training Class at K & K Lab - May, 2017

“Best training I have been part of in my career” “The whole class was beneficial” “Very interactive and lively” “Appreciated the relaxation of the training. Support staff was great. Looking forward to working with everybody” “Felt like part of the family and was treated that way!”

Responses from Valued K & K Partners

Initial New Partner (Customer) Training at the K & K Lab (June 27-30, 2017)

“Yes, very useful, I have gained a greater knowledge of the system and where to start troubleshooting” “Thank you for a very enjoyable class” “All aspects beneficial, especially the hands on section along with the information from the installer” “Trainer is able to explain on a layman’s level and easy to understand” “Does not ‘talk-over’ his pupils” “I have a greater knowledge of the system and where to start troubleshooting” “Thank you for taking the time to go through everything to make better efficiencies”

Responses from Valued K & K Partners

Truck Troubleshooting Workshop at K & K Lab (August 8-9, 2017)

Farmway“A very positive experience for our drivers.” “Drivers especially love not having any more hand tickets and now ensure that all updates to tank serial numbers, tank sizes, etc. are all correct. They now see the K-Factors which makes them feel a lot more in control.” “Really tickled with the whole group at K & K. We hope to continue partnering with them to receive the many other solutions that K & K offers, such as help with new processes. We enjoy working together and traveling to K & K for training and talking with other customers with no-holds barred. Karla is really good at asking us for what we really need.”

Tracy Haller

Energy Procurement/Operations, Farmway Coop., Beloit, Kansas

“All my questions were answered and then some!” “Using our hands-on actual company data made it much easier to learn” “Honestly learned more than I thought I would to be able to use back at our office” “Will definitely recommend to every company I know!” “Great company atmosphere”

Responses from Valued K & K Partners

CSR Basics and Beyond Training at K & K Lab (July 17, 2017)

Country pride“Partnering with K & K has been a major benefit as part of our company’s business plan. By utilizing Energy Force and now adding Optimizer Plus, it has helped make our routes much more efficient and profitable. We have been able to go from 7 Propane trucks to 4 by using the tools available to route our trucks properly. I can’t imagine ever going back to the way we used to do it.”

Dave Hartley

Vice President of Energy, Country Pride Coop., Winner, South Dakota

“I honestly found everything beneficial. There was an ‘Ah-Ah’ moment in every segment that was discussed.” “Would highly recommend to others, whether you are a new or seasoned user.” “Good reminder and helpful hints, importance of data accuracy, shortcuts found, explanations of fields we are not using but might in the future”

Responses from Valued K & K Partners

CSR Basics & Beyond Training-In-The-Field at Dorchester, NE (June 20-21, 2017)

Farmers coop“There is no way we could be anywhere close to where we are without your team. Thanks again for everything you and your company have done for us. I look forward to a long and happy partnership!”

Roger Kreifels

Propane Operations Manager, Farmers Cooperative, Dorchester, Nebraska

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K & K Management Solutions

™Energy-Force™ Enterprise is a complete operations-management solution for your propane and refined fuel needs. Energy-Force is our ‘core’ Suite with six additional Suites that are all seamlessly linked (Energy-Track™, Optimizer Plus™, Energy-Service™, Energy-Commerce™ and Energy-Map™) with superb productivity and efficiency ‘Add-Ons’. Our goal is to empower “YOU” to improve operations and take care of your customers.

We understand that a well-run operation that delivers great customer service is essential and understand how achieving appropriate margins, cash-flow (budgets), throughput, price volatility, contracts, driver/CSR motivation, will make your company more valuable. Energy-Force™ Enterprise is specifically designed for timely R.O.I. of your investment and future ongoing cash-flow.

K & K Management Solutions was started by Karla Schilling in 1986 (celebrated out 30th anniversary in 2016!)

Yes, of course! We have many customers (“Valued Partners”) throughout the country who will be glad to discuss Energy-Force™ Enterprise with you anytime. This is often the best way to get a true ‘feel’ of how Energy-Force™ Enterprise works in the real world and has made many independent propane marketers (with refined fuels) and cooperatives (agricultural and electrical) successful in this challenging economic environment. Just let us know! Contact Mat Jones, VP-Sales at mjones@kkcomp.com or (800) 783-6560, ext. 292 anytime!

Simply put, we take full responsibility! If you enter a name or number in one module, it is automatically transferred to all others! We became tired of waiting on third party companies to keep up with our rapid enhancements. We fully understand how contracts and split billing works and never have to train any third parties. As an example, a change in the tax rate or jurisdiction is automatically changed across our entire Suite of Products.

We do not just sell software, but business operations solutions! We have many agricultural and electrical cooperatives, independent propane marketers and companies that market refined fuels. Over the past thirty years, we have constantly revised and updated our software to meet the ever-changing needs of cooperatives and propane/refined fuel marketers. And, in 2017, we are still upgrading every single day!

We certainly do! Almost every month we publish a newsletter with tips, tricks, ideas and often highlights of our many valued customers. You can easily view the most current newsletter or all 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 or 2013 newsletters by clicking here!

Absolutely! We are experts in successful data conversions for 31 years. We spend the necessary time understanding what is important to you about your data and how it relates to Energy-Force before we even begin the conversion process. We always do a preliminary conversion for your approval two weeks before a final conversion and “Going-Live.”

First of all, we call our customers “Valued Partners” since we are work so closely with them to succeed. We have a variety of ways to train; either on-site, at a hotel or other facility (what we call ‘train-in-the-field’) or at our K & K Training Lab at our headquarters in Avon, IN

Yes, we typically have a User Meeting & Conference every year in early August. Last year (2016) it was held in downtown Saint Louis with excellent attendance.

Yes! We have a great support staff with over 125 years of real-world experience. We have a 14-person training room lab at our office where we can offer continued training and support for your new staff members.

Positively! We have many exceptional operational reports that are not the ‘norm’, such as K-Factor analysis, Call-In analysis, three-year delivery comparison by tank size, Run-Out analysis, inefficient deliveries, drivers overwriting prices or taxes on truck computers and many more. And, at month-end, you can be up-and-running the very next day, no batches or holds to end month.

We have utilized Panasonic Toughbooks for the past ten years because they are tough and use very common Windows software. We have fixed too many bad installs that have used spliced wire, wrong gauge, bad grounds, wires not tied, etc. that decrease truck productivity and are not Energy-Track™ software issues. Proper truck computer and hardware mounting installation is absolutely critical for efficient driver productivity.

Yes, we have extensive experience with both independents and cooperatives. We fully understand the many challenges of multi-registers and compartments in fuel trucks and are continuously enhancing our products.

No, we focus 100% on what we do best—optimizing operations and maximizing efficiencies to make your company successful! We allow you to choose the best accounting program for your business and easily electronically interface to your accounting software.

We are the first company to release a tank logistics program that looks at every tank every day and does not require a dispatcher. There is no comparable product. We analyzed many third-party energy logistics programs but most were originally for package deliveries and then modified for tank deliveries. They did not meet our high standards. Optimizer Plus was created to directly integrate with Energy-Force tank data and requires no exports to third parties. It utilizes custom tank selection algorithms with intelligent weather forecasting to make the most profitable route. Routes are created at 4:00 A.M. so your drivers get on the road at 6:00 A.M. You cannot outthink it!