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Thanks for visiting K & K Management Solutions and Energy-Force Enterprise. We’ve been an innovative leader in the energy industry since founding by Karla Schilling in 1986 and celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2016! Karla and her team truly care about your success as a long-term ‘Partner.

We are grew in 2017 with five new hires: Keith Canniff as VP, Information Technology, Lynn Sheets, VP of Business Strategy, Brandy Williams and Josh Steele as Customer Support Specialists and Emily Soeurt as the Office Manager/Accountant.

The K & K Team has 100+ years of real-world energy-management experience as key members for Propane, Refined Fuels and Cooperatives of all sizes and throughout the country.

We realize that it is a difficult decision to select a software provider that is not only reliable but also an integral partner for your energy-management (propane and refined fuels) solutions. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to discover how Energy-Force can make your company more valuable because we go the extra mile for you!

Don’t miss our K & K Valued Partner User Meeting & Conference 2018!

We designed our unique-to-the-industry Energy-Forces™ Enterprise entirely in-house to be seamlessly integrated to totally eliminate ’finger-pointing’ — we accept full responsibility because we designed it — no software acquisitions, third-party code, blue/green DOS screens, forced conversions, deadlines, etc.

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Our ongoing commitment includes initial conversion expertise, extensive training, user meetings, upgrades, enhancements, troubleshooting guides, Professional Services, exceptional customer support and a confidential customer web portal.

We recently moved to a larger office with a dedicated training lab where our valued customers can attend dynamic workshops with “hands-on” experience and personal interaction.


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How may we help Your Company maximize EBITDA, productivity, profitability and cash-flow to achieve the Peace-of-Mind you deserve? For a free demo please contact me, Mat Jones, VP-Sales, at 800-783-6560, x292 or by e-mail. Mat - head shot

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