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A portal on your web site with a link where your customers can easily make ACH and credit card payments 24-hours a day, review their tank information or place a call-in order that is updated immediately in Energy-Force Enterprise™. Your customers will love the convenience and rapid response!

Top 3 Benefits . . .

  1. CSR saves time not having to get up from their desk to swipe cards!
  2. Customers can easily (and securely) make payments via the web and review their contracts!
  3. No batches—increases cash flow, easier to reconcile – payments automatically posted to Energy-Force Enterprise™!

Powerful Advantages

  • Eliminates credit card payments by not wasting time standing in line at a terminal
  • Dramatically improve cash flow
  • Helps to provide excellent customer service
  • CSR can take Credit Card or ACH payment at their desk within Energy-Force
  • Can process budget payments for customers with a balance (with permission)

Your customers can:

  • Make a payment on-line anytime
  • View their balances and budget payment
  • View contracts and gallons remaining
  • Review gallons and products delivered to each tank – no need to call
  • Place an order for fuel based on delivery policies, such as minimum gallons
  • Creates payment journal and updates the customer account immediately – note: no batches
  • Updates the call in order file immediately, and is set to pending for acceptance review before the delivery can be scheduled. (Optimizer Plus™ will schedule)
  • Easier for your customers and for you!
  • Process all budget payments as a group automatically
  • Process customer balances automatically
  • Encrypted and secure for your customers
  • Coming soon—Mobile E-Commerce App for iOS and Android devices


Mat - head shotHow may we help your company maximize EBITDA, productivity, profitability and cash-flow to provide you with the Peace-of-Mind you deserve?

We’re ready to help you succeed! For a free demonstration or for more information, please contact Mat Jones at 800-783-6560, extension 292 or e-mail Mat at mjones@kkcomp.com.



More than convenience for your customers, business benefits for you!

Securely accept credit, debit and ACH payments and manage business operations through Energy-Force!  We have partnered with Direct Connect, the industry leader in integrated payment processing, to help you save time and gain operational efficiency, while receiving the highest level of credit card security available.

  • Process Payments Faster – Streamline payments for you and your staff by processing directly through Energy-Force.
  • Eliminate Data Entry – With this upgrade automatically batch and settle transactions daily.
  • Ease of Reconciliation – Simplify your process and save days of work each month.

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Question: Can I accept customer payments through my Energy-Force software?

Answer:  Yes!  We have partnered with Direct Connect offer our customers secure payment processing (credit, debit and ACH) through our Energy-Commerce module.  With the Direct Connect integration you will save time, gain operational efficiency and increase financial visibility into your business by processing payments directly through Energy-Force.

Dramatically Improve Your Cash Flow From Credit Card and Text Payments!

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