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The industry-leading software created entirely in-house and seamlessly integrated with the entire Suite of Products specifically designed for refined fuels and propane. You never need third party software, which eliminates all finger-pointing and dramatically improves productivity and gives you a GREEN light for Success!

  1. Complete energy-operations management systems for all assets!
  2. Everything your team needs to know on one screen – no multiple menus!
  3. Superb Reports to identify and correct profit leaks and inefficiencies!

Powerful Advantages

  • One entry-point view for vital customer, tank, history, regulator, safety, efficiencies, degree day data
  • Fuel and Propane tanks on same screen
  • Contracts, budgets, payments, split-billing handled with ease
  • Call-Ins, Keep-Full, Julians tracked effortlessly

  • Each tank has delivery and customer type and also default product and price codes
  • Calculates correct storage inventory
  • Multi-company to multi-location delivery

  • Delivery history by tank
  • Easily view refined fuel gallons and products in any tank
  • Powerful state and local tax engines
  • Flexible credit and collections ability
  • K-factors and degree days for efficient deliveries
  • Safety, track cathodic testing
  • Regulators, meters, appliances
  • Tank rent, tank painting, etc.
  • Much, much more…

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