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We’ve completely redesigned our map in 2017 to provide maximum ability to route tanks and increase driver efficiencies – this is well beyond what Google or other standard mapping programs offer! This brand new map allows you to plot tanks on a specific road and deliver to them. You can even create new roads and utilize multiple layers.

Top 3 Benefits . . .

  1. Turn-by-Turn instructions (with audio) to the customer’s tank
  2. Immediate return on your investment by making more efficient deliveries
  3. Easy to use and custom created for unique propane and refined fuel requirements

Not Typical – You Can See your Tanks!

  • Easy to draw and redraw route boundaries
  • Automatically updates new routes into the tank screen
  • Easy to measure distance from one tank to another tank

Coming Soon!

Turn-by-turn directions by which a voice will “talk” you through the tank size and all information to make the delivery and optimized scheduling of refined fuel tanks!

Powerful Advantages

  • Designed specifically for propane and refined fuel
  • Customize with layers, locations and points of interest
  • Make drivers much more efficient with G.P.S.
  • Created for specific propane/fuel delivery needs (not point-to-point, but delivering unknown amount each time)
  • Drivers and office personnel love new features – much easier to read and determine filling parameters
  • Fleet tracking capabilities with Verizon coming soon!
  • No comparison to other mapping programs in which you only see the houseour map shows the location of the tank and information about the tank to make more efficient deliveries
  • Can custom filter on the map, for example irrigation tanks or corn dryer by customer type

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