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A complete service order system built around Energy-Force™ customer data, including Purchase Orders, Service Orders, Proposals, Invoicing, Inventory tracking and dispatching. The Energy-Service mobile makes it very easy for techs to do their jobs efficiently and to ensure that you bill for all of your services!

Top 3 Benefits . . .

  1. Techs have everything they need in one place with Mobile Energy-Service!
  2. Enter it once! Entries in Energy-Service automatically transfer to Energy-Force saving time and dramatically reducing errors!
  3. Excellent to track inventory control to reduce (or eliminate) waste and shortages!

Powerful Advantages

  • Seamlessly links with Energy-Force
  • All entries made in Energy-Service automatically updates Energy-Force
  • Easily create proposals and turn it into an invoice—no re-keying
  • Tracks all service orders for tank sets, leak tests, up to installing a furnace
  • Allows you to customize the information for each type of equipment, Water heater, Furnace, Cook stove
  • Can update on Energy Service Mobile
  • Tracks all inventory items by warehouse and service truck
  • Parts billing—no more missing parts
  • Truck computer customer/driver signatures
  • Multiple sites handled easily
  • Equipment assets
  • Tracks Purchases Orders which linked to a Customer Proposal for special order items
  • Allows multiple service locations per customer, such as a landlords or construction
  • Includes calendar dispatch system
  • Updates Energy-Force Accounts Receivable!
  • Energy-Service Mobile available
  • Service Orders and Proposals, Invoices dispatched to mobile device
  • Technicians can print invoice and collect payment at customer location
  • Inventory control

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