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Seamlessly Integrated and Dynamic Mobile Truck Computing

Great For Propane and Refined Fuels!

Seamlessly integrated with Energy-Force™ to maximize driver truck efficiencies (completely designed and developed in-house) as your comprehensive truck operations solution. Energy-Track™ works very well with Optimizer Plus™ to optimize your efficiencies. Our truck computers work well for both propane and refined fuels. Your drivers will be empowered with all the information they need while at the customer’s location so they do not have to call the CSR or the office (and the trip report manifest is saved and attached to the sales posting journal in Energy-Force™).

Why would you spend $200,000 on a bobtail/truck without the best truck computer and software to make efficient deliveries? Don’t cut costs by mounting equipment yourself which very often causes excessive downtime. We have the expertise to do it once and do it right!

Top 3 Benefits . . .

  1. Eliminates manual postings, pre-printed tickets and hand-written invoices!
  2. Empowers drivers with information needed to make efficient deliveries!
  3. Drivers normally make 2-10 more daily deliveries with less paperwork and stress!

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Powerful Advantages

  • Drivers do NOT have to call your office for information
  • Professional invoice to your customers at the time of delivery (no manual tickets)
  • Calculates multiple taxes on invoice products
  • Handles contracts, split billing, and multiples deliveries on one ticket
  • Register interfaces: LCII, Ecount, Neptune, TCS as multiple delivery; Midcom 8000 – single delivery
  • PDF of invoice automatically saved and attached to history line item. Easy to mail.
  • Leaving invoice at the door increases cash flow dramatically
  • No mailing of invoices or CSR’s correcting duplicate postings/errors

Drivers can see with their truck computer..

  • Balance and default prices for product
  • All propane or refined fuel tanks
  • Gallons left on contract and price
  • Call In Order, and which have preset gallons
  • Last delivery date and gallons
  • Directions and special instructions
  • Modify directions, special instructions, tank name and it automatically updates tank in Energy-Force
  • Displays Optimizer Plus route for the day, advises bullet to refill from for each run.

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