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Optimizer Plus

Intelligent Routing & Forecasting. Drivers Out The Door!

A unique-to-the-industry intelligent weather forecasting and logistical routing that is seamlessly integrated with Energy-Force Enterprise and Energy-Track to allow you to right-size your fleet. Everything is totally automated for the most optimized route!

Top 3 Benefits . . .

  1. Intelligent tank selection where a dispatcher not required — maximizes drop sizes while reducing costs and increasing cash-flow!
  2. Analyzes every tank every single dayno tank is ever forgotten!
  3. New driver has optimized routes on his truck computer with complete information about each customer – more productive and follows better routes the first day than veteran drivers!

New Opti+ Tools/Summer Fill Modes

  • Calendar excludes driver “off” days, or bad weather days to prevent drivers falling behind with an option to park trucks if there are not enough gallons for a profitable route that day.
  • Has “think ahead capability” humans do not and can select how to handle critical tanks better if behind so drives drive significantly less miles
  • Do you know how hard it is to keep track of every tank? Optimizer Plus does it easily!graph-savings

Powerful Advantages

  • Unique-to-the industry sophisticated algorithms for intelligent tank selection not requiring human intervention.
  • Reviews EVERY single tank EVERY single day to include Call-In orders, Julian and Keep-Fill/K-Factor tanks
  • You don’t have to select tanks—it does it for you. Adds a weather forecast and creates multiple routes per truck each day based on the criteria you have set up
  • Reduces inefficient drops, such as delivering to tanks that have 45%+ currently in them
  • Excellent scenario analysis to determine the best place to install satellite tank for refills
  • Optimized routes waiting for your drivers and ready to send to Energy-Track
  • Optimizer Plus routes can display on Energy-Map and displayed on the truck computer
  • Optimizes on your server – never wait on data sent to third party and waiting to get back for drivers (micro-managing)
  • D.T.D.R. (‘Drive The Darn Route’)
    Pure and simple. Optimizer Plus is totally unique and has no peer in the industry! Drivers that follow the routes as shown Optimizer Plus will make dramatically more efficient deliveries and make you money. Drivers absolutely can’t out-think it!

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How may we help Your Company maximize EBITDA, productivity, profitability and cash-flow to achieve the Peace-of-Mind you deserve? For a free demo please contact me, Mat Jones, VP-Sales, at 800-783-6560, x292 or by e-mail. Mat - head shot

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