OptimizerPlus Routing

How much time does it take your dispatchers to schedule and route truck deliveries? How many trucks are you manually routing for deliveries? We recently peeked at one of our larger customers that use OptimizerPlus to see how their routing plans were doing and we were impressed by the efficiency we saw in their program. This company has almost 200 trucks utilizing OptimizerPlus for routing. It took this large company under 40 minutes to route all their trucks! For a company with 8 to 10 trucks, it could be 4 minutes or less. Your route schedule can be ready at 5 AM, no drivers are waiting on a dispatcher.

The time it saves is a major benefit but the settings for the OptimizerPlus can also be changed to help build efficiencies. The customer recently utilized an OptimizerPlus contract setting to review tanks with remaining contract gallons left in April. OptimizerPlus can assign these tanks/contracts a higher delivery priority to reduce the remaining contract gallons. Regular deliveries, Julians, monitors, and call-ins were still being routed with no human intervention.

Managers can see how many contracted tanks are left for each route every day, so they know when to turn the feature off or know they are still buried in contract gallons. This saves time and avoids wasting time. It is about building efficiencies! Another great feature is turning on summer fill mode. OptimizerPlus can “handsfree” auto-schedule summer fills.

If you are an EnergyForce user and not using OptimizerPlus or are using it but need help with building out efficiencies, please reach out to one of our staff to discuss by completing the form below.

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