Energy-Force.TM Fueling Innovation.


The only solution for your energy
management company. Energy Force.



One system. More efficient. More competitive. More profitable.

Is your propane or refined fuel business as efficient as it could be? Are your employees as productive as they should be? Are you filling tanks too early or driving too far?

Energy-Force solves all those issues and more. Created exclusively for our industry, these modules automate every step, including:

  • scheduling deliveries
  • optimizing routes
  • forecasting inventory needs
  • invoicing customers
  • handling service calls
  • receiving payments
  • tank management
  • tank rental
  • imaging documents and pictures to customer or attach images, such as tank leases/contracts/pictures to customers (no more searching through file cabinets)
  • track all safety information
  • track regulators
  • and more.

Access all the information you need to serve customers, dispatch drivers, and handle billing through one system, even for multiple fuels. Drivers become more efficient, delivering more gallons every week while reducing the number of drops, so you can dramatically cut overtime. Our Valued Partners say drivers make two to ten more deliveries a day!

OptimizerPlus Routing & Forecasting

OptimizerPlus is the industry’s only fully intelligent, automated routing tool. This exclusive innovation does all the planning and routing for you each night while you sleep, analyzing every tank every day and generating thousands of potential routes for each driver before automatically choosing the most efficient ones by 5:00 a.m. When your drivers are ready to roll, they have turn-by-turn directions. It’s so efficient that you’ll be able to expand your market while reducing the number of trucks you need.

  • it does everything for you, unlike “drag-and-drop” systems that force you to create routes
  • imports tank monitor readings for efficient scheduling
  • analyzes every tank every day for more efficient routes and larger fills
  • drivers don’t have to learn routes; turn-by-turn directions are automatically displayed
  • drivers can roll when ready without waiting for dispatcher instructions
  • you won’t fill tanks that don’t need it
  • new drivers can be as productive as veterans on their first day
  • handles K-factor, call-in, and Julian tanks
  • considers forecasted weather and driver “off” days
  • adjusts for summer and fall fills
  • switches to partial fills during allocations
  • prioritizes contract gallons near end dates
  • works on your server, so no waiting for data


Energy-Track & Truck Computers

Energy-Track software displays all the information your drivers need to serve customers, so they make more money for you without wasting your CSR’s time. Each day’s route is displayed in each truck’s Panasonic Toughbook and automatically:

  • provides complete route, with turn-by-turn driving instructions
  • serves as a point-of-sale, calculating and generating customer invoices
  • displays gallons and percent remaining on monitored tanks
  • combines multiple-tank deliveries on one invoice
  • lets drivers collect and update safety information on regulators
  • allows drivers to send electronic messages to CSRs about maintenance needs
  • updates the trip report manifest for DOT checks


Energy-Map Directions

Far more than a GPS or standard mapping programs, this system lets you plot tanks for deliveries, so there’s no wasted time or mileage.

  • gives drivers turn-by-turn instructions (with audio)
  • shows location of each tank with details
  • lets you pinpoint your fleet’s location

Energy-Service System

Do you handle tank and HVAC service calls? Use your Energy-Force customer data from point-of-sale to onsite service.

  • track and schedule service with an integrated dispatch calendar
  • track serialized inventory
  • create proposals and invoices
  • monitor inventory
  • bill accurately for parts
  • technicians can print invoices and collect payment at customer location
  • utilizes same mobile Panasonic unit as Energy-Track

Energy-Commerce Payments

Why wait for mailed payments when your customers can easily text ACH and credit card payments 24 hours a day?

  • portal on your website allows customer to pre-pay and place an order for propane or refined fuels
  • customers can review contracts and gallons remaining
  • increases immediate cash flow
  • all payments made thru E-Commerce immediately updates Energy-Force, so no batches required